plastic gas pipe give more than 20 years profection

Short Description:

MATERIAL:                                                      PVC

COLOUR:                                                          RED


THICKNESS:                                                    4mm

LENGTH:                                                          50m

NOMINAL OUTER DIAMETER:                1 inch 50m/6 inch 60m/4 inch 70m(mm)

FEATURES:Good toughness, soft all the year round, cold resistance and frost resistance. A variety of specifications are available. Multi-layer composite with good compression resistance.

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Place of Origin



Domestic natural gas pipe



Model Number


Applicable uses

It is suitable for liquid or gas transportation under low pressure, especially for domestic gas transportation

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Delivery Time

10-45 DAYS

Payment Terms

T/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Wesern Union

Supply Ability

Adequate reserves

Product Introduction

The gas hose comprises a pipe joint, which is composed of a pipe body and a steel sleeve tightly fastened to one end of the pipe body, the pipe body is provided with a through vent, one end is formed with an annular joint groove for hose insertion, the axial depth of the annular joint groove is greater than the length of the steel sleeve, and a part of the inner surface of the annular joint groove is a conical surface, The inner end of the conical surface is formed with a step adjacent to another part of the inner surface of the annular joint groove. The structure avoids the phenomenon that when the pipe joint is matched with the hose, the hose is too deeply inserted into the pipe joint, resulting in deformation at the end of the pipe joint, which is conducive to smooth gas and high safety. The joint between the outer surface and the inner surface of the annular joint groove adopts circular arc transition to prevent stress concentration. The utility model relates to a flexible pipe for conveying natural gas, coal to gas or liquefied petroleum gas, which takes a double-layer structure pipe as the matrix, the surface of the matrix is covered with a smooth surface layer, and the joint surface between each layer of the hose is made into a convex concave alternating structure. The hose surface is smooth, easy to clean, and the pipe body is flexible; The strength of the hose is further improved, the service life is prolonged, the product quality is improved, the aging is delayed and the discoloration is prevented.

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